3 things to watch in streaming on the weekend: The Serpent, La via del apron and Mister Link

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Finally the long awaited Friday has arrived = new appointment with 3 things to stream on the weekend! Because with this cold + red and orange areas what can ever be done ?? BINGE WATCHING.


Today I recommend two TV series and a film: The way of the apron, The Serpent e Mister Link.


The way of the apron is a 5 episode anime that recently arrived on Netflix. Tell the story of Tatsu, nicknamed Immortal Dragon, the boss of the yakuza. After getting married Miku, Tatsu decides to leave the world of the underworld to take on the role of a housewife, but soon the past will come back knocking on the door …

PS each episode lasts about 20 minutes and I recommend you watch it for lunch and dinner because Tatsu cooking delicacies that will certainly make your mouth water!

(You can find it streaming on Netflix)


Here I start with two tips: do not look at it if you are at home alone and do not look at it before sleeping – I speak from personal experience -.

The Serpent tells the story of Charles Sobhraj, a killer who in the 70s lured tourists along what some called The Hippie Trail, from Nepal, India e Thailand. And the moves were more or less always the same: he became friends with them, drugged them to steal their money and passports and then left a trail of blood behind him.

Ah, did I tell you it’s based on a true story?

(You can find it streaming on Netflix)


Mister Link is a stop motion animated film released in 2019 SO YES, I WILL ARRIVE A LITTLE LATE, OK?

It tells the story of Mr. Link, a Sasquatch who, tired of living in solitude, recruits Sir Lion Frost, an explorer of mythical creatures, to help him in his search for the legendary valley of Shangri La nell’Himalaya hoping to be reunited with his fellow men.

They will learn that sometimes a family can be found where it is least expected.

(You can find it streaming on PrimeVideo)

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