3 times Kim Kardashian immolated herself in the name of fashion

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For the last Parisian fashion week, Kim Kardashian has seen fit to wear a leotard Balenciaga completely covered with a yellow adhesive tape with logo. As you can see from some videos, it was a real struggle to wear it and he also risked having to wear a diaper because it is impossible to take off to go to the bathroom. Those who were at the parade also said that the dress made a very strange noise


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Here is an iconic outfit that made the history of the Met Gala. Signed by Mugler, the dress took over six months of work and was tailored exactly to Kim’s measurements. The queen of reality TV she fasted for 24 hours to be able to wear it and the next day she found her body covered with bruises and grazes. Without forgetting that throughout the evening she was unable to sit down because her dress did not allow it. Not only that: before the event she declared she would ask her sisters to wipe the pee from her thighs if she needed to, because she was unable to go to the bathroom.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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