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3 years after Henry Borel's death, father announces birth of daughter: “You will be very loved”

Leniel Borel, whose son, Henry, was killed in a crime of national repercussion three years ago, announced the birth of his second daughter, Valentina, this Monday (22).

The news was released through a video on Instagram, where Leniel and his wife, doctor Larysse Borel Neves, share their expectations while awaiting the birth.

Larysse Borel Neves expressed on the networks: “Very anxious, very happy, very grateful to God for giving me this opportunity. It is a very special and unique moment in our lives.”

Leniel spoke about revealing her daughter's birth only close to the date: “We kept it private, we don't expose ourselves, but this is our moment, a unique moment.”

Remember the Henry Borel case:

Henry Borel, aged 4, died on March 8, 2021, in an apartment in Rio de Janeiro where he lived with his mother, Monique Medeiros, and stepfather, Dr. Jairinho, a doctor and councilor.

The autopsy report from the Medical-Legal Institute (IML) indicated that the child suffered 23 injuries to his body and the cause of death was “internal bleeding and liver laceration”. The injuries included hemorrhages in the head, nose, bruises on the wrist and abdomen, bruises on the kidney and lungs, as well as a ruptured liver.

Henry Borel, age 4, died on March 8

Monique Medeiros and Dr. Jairinho were temporarily arrested on April 8, 2021. On the same day, Dr. Jairinho was expelled from the Solidariedade party, where he was in his fifth term, and was subsequently impeached in June of the same year. His medical registration was canceled by the Regional Council of Medicine of Rio de Janeiro (Cremerj).

Currently, Jairinho and Monique are in pre-trial detention for an indefinite period and are awaiting the popular jury.

Since the incident, Leniel Borel has sought justice for his son and founded the Henry Borel Association in Recreio dos Bandeirantes, West Zone of Rio, in 2022. The association provides support to children and adolescents who are victims of violence.

Source: CNN Brasil

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