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$303 million was stolen from the DMM Bitcoin exchange

Japanese cryptocurrency exchange DMM Bitcoin reported about unauthorized access to the company accounts where the first cryptocurrency was stored. According to reports, an unknown person withdrew 4502.9 BTC, which is estimated at $303 million at the time of publication.

Representatives of DMM Bitcoin announced the suspension of spot transactions on the platform until all the circumstances of the incident are clarified. Customers may also experience delays when withdrawing funds in yen, the company said. However, no details of the hacker attack or hacking method were reported.

The exchange team noted that it will reimburse all losses and replenish the reserves of the first cryptocurrency. Representatives of the company did not disclose the timing of the purchase of bitcoin.

“Please rest assured that we will purchase the equivalent amount of Bitcoin with the support of our group of companies and guarantee a refund of all funds,” DMM Bitcoin said in a statement.

The hacker attack on the mentioned cryptocurrency exchange became the second largest hack among Japanese companies. In 2018, the Coincheck platform lost $370 million as a result of an exploit.

Earlier it became known that the Rain cryptocurrency exchange, based in Bahrain, also suffered from a hack. As a result of a hacker attack, unknown persons withdrew assets worth $14.8 million from addresses belonging to the company.

Source: Cryptocurrency

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