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41 Indian workers trapped in a tunnel for 17 days did yoga to pass the time

41 have been taken to hospital workers in India who were trapped in a tunnel for 17 days due to a collapse and according to accounts, did yoga to pass the time but also to stay cool.

In accordance with BBCThe Chamra Oraonreported that there were times when he felt uneasy in the tunnel and wondered when he would be taken out.

But I never lost hope,” he said, adding that he spent time playing games on his mobile phone, which he would charge using portable chargers given to them by rescuers through a tube.

“We couldn’t call anyone since there was no network and so we talked to each other and got to know each other“, he said afterwards.

Also, another worker, who spoke to the prime minister Narendra Modi in a phone call, he said workers were encouraging each other to stay positive and that they would all eat their meals together.

We went for walks and did yoga in the tunnel to stay active“, he said.

Another worker described how they would initially turn on their phones just to check battery life time. But once they received chargers, they could use their phones more freely to have fun.

Source: News Beast

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