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42-year-old doctor among protesters arrested in Columbia University sweep

The anti-Israel protest at Columbia University ended Tuesday night when the NYPD stormed the campus in a massive “sweep” operation and dispersed the gathering of pro-Palestinian protesters over the ongoing war on the Strip. of Gaza. Among those arrested were some who were not students. More details about some of those taken into custody emerged Wednesday as the mayor, Eric Adams, accused them of being “outside rioters” who are wreaking havoc on college campuses besieged by protests. The NYPD put an end to the anti-Israel protests at both Manhattan universities and resulted in more than 280 arrests. In Columbia, pro-Palestinian protesters occupied an academic building, while others camped out on the South Lawn, with at least 109 protesters arrested, according to authorities, and others taken into custody. Among the non-students brought in by the police were […]
Source: News Beast

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