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48-hour itinerary: surrender to the delights of Búzios, on the coast of Rio de Janeiro

Fluminenses love the Armação de Búzios and cross the little over 160km that separate the city from the capital recurrently, often in silence, protecting their treasure. It’s understandable, however, it would be unfair not to share our discoveries in this coastal paradise.

From São Paulo, it’s about 500 km, but it’s possible to take a flight to Rio de Janeiro and from there make the trip by car, which takes about 2h30. Excellent option to enjoy Carnival or one of the many holidays that 2023 offers.

Check out a 48-hour itinerary in Búzios below!

Day 1

Considering that the rates start at 3 pm, an alternative is to have lunch at a hot spot. THE Porto da Barra a walkway of restaurants, bars and shops that enjoys a privileged sea view and sunset, brings together Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Brazilian, Japanese and even “Latin-Asian” food.

Unusual setting aside, the Nami Gastrobar translates both worlds into an inventive and solar menu.

In addition to good ceviches, tacos and tiraditos, the chef’s hut Joao Ricardo Yoshida beckons with original sandwiches, capable of guaranteeing a stylish beach meal. One is katsu sando of fresh and juicy tuna; another is the shrimp dog, with grilled shrimp on house bread.

In both cases, happiness lives in the combination of fresh fish with secret sauces. To go with it, it’s worth betting on sake – either in drinks like the one with gin and yuzu infusion, or in one of the labels on the specialized menu.

Before check-in, there is time to stop by the atelier of Lu Rizzi . Inspired by the local flora and fauna, the artist creates plates, bowls and other ceramics for chefs, teaches classes and exhibits a small collection of utilities for sale.

When it’s time to settle in, the range of hotels is generous, but it’s hard not to be seduced by two suites. One is the unusual , at the homonymous hotel. With daily rates starting at R$ 1,080, it has an infinity pool and 4 meters deep.

The number 16 of the White Houses , for around R$3,000, hides a swimming pool and a panoramic terrace. Comfortable, expensive, well equipped, with good amenities and pampering like sparkling wine and
good night brigadeiros, they are pure luxury! If it were little, they are valued even more thanks to the structures of their respective inns. Starting with the spas, one overlooking the sea, the other with special teas and a giant jacuzzi.

As for the differentials, in the first, the guest has a morning feast, two more pools, a private beach and structure on Praia da Ferradura. On the second, there is a rock pool and probably the best local restaurant, the 74 where the Argentine chef Gonzalo Vidal it exercises its eclecticism in freedom.

So, whether you spend the night there or not, this will be the place for dinner. After all, you deserve to taste the crudos of the day, carefully crafted, as well as tempting craziness. The shrimp bolovo with coriander mayonnaise is an example; the buziano tirashi, with warm gohan and toppings like look at you, jackfruit, dorado and boyfriend roe, octopus, cured egg yolk and nirá vinaigrette, another.

Day 2

As uncertain as it may seem, hunger when waking up will be welcome – Gonzalo’s puff pastries, long-fermented breads and sausages or Insólito’s cheese breads and toasts confirm this! She will also ensure cheer for those who set out to sea. If a warning is in order, the waters are cold, but this is what guarantees the quality of fishing in the region.

That said, the scenarios are impressive. Among them, the beaches of sorrel and the one sorrel the do Oven the one Seal and the one Turtle, that dispense boat.

Now, if the excess of delicacies is not a problem, nothing compares to the beauties (mainly edible) of Praia Brava . Historical paradise for surfers and, for some time now, for gourmands. The guilt? Of rocka a beach club rustic-chic. Or rather, the responsibility lies entirely with Gustavo Rinkevich .

Source: CNN Brasil

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