5 actors who hate the roles they’ve played

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In the career of an actor there always comes that role that changes your life, the one that defines you and launches you into the universe of stars. For some, the success is so great that it is difficult to shake off the character played because the public continues to identify you only with that. For some celebs this situation has turned into a nightmare. Because? They hate the character who made them famous. Here are 5 striking examples of actors who, if they could go back, would say no (but, let’s be honest, you have to start somewhere).


Some of us, when they review Twilight, still sigh and stick to the screen to see the love story between Edward e Bella. The only thing he would like Robert pattinson is to forget. He has repeatedly stated that Edward Cullen he is “the most ridiculous person that comes to mind” and who, as he read the script, could not help but hate him. Which is why he often felt sad and a little depressed on set. RobertLet’s put it this way: at least you found love (while it lasted!)


Gossip girl remained in our hearts despite the last episode being aired in 2013 and the character of Serena it has become a sort of icon, especially of style. Something inexplicable for Blake Lively who said playing the wealthy New Yorker was especially difficult because of her actions. “I’m not proud of certain things I’ve had to do like Serena – has explained – like overdosing on cocaine or sleeping with someone else’s husband. When I play a role I always try to send a bigger message“. Consulates Blake: what it should say Ed Westwick of his Chuck Bass?


Zac Efron is perhaps the most categorical of all: he said that if he could go back he would never accept the role of Troy Bolton. In fact, it’s a bit of a persecution for him: despite trying to reinvent himself, the general public continues to remember him for that character who, now, dates back more than 11 years ago. However, water has passed under the bridges and today Zac she has a respectable career and is using her fame to advocate for environmental causes. Not bad, I would say.


The feelings he has Miley Cyrus for the character of Disney Channel that made her famous are quite contrasting. It cannot be said that she hates it, on the contrary, several times she said she was happy to have interpreted it, but she did not hide the problems it caused her on a physical and psychological level. “I was made to look like someone I was not really and this caused me some problems with my body: when it was over I didn’t recognize myself anymore“. Indeed, Hannah Montana seems relegated to another life of the singer, almost completely incompatible with that of now.


Let’s say that, in this case, hatred is more sectorial or better related to a specific film: Harry Potter and the halfblood Prince. He said he never saw the film again because it really is “embarrassing“And added:”my acting is bad and I’m monotonous“. Not that I’m very excited about the previous ones either, but not at this level. The only one where it is acceptable is the fifth chapter of the saga, The Order of the Phoenix: «Here you really see my improvements as an actorHe stressed.

Too bad these actors can’t do like us mere mortals: simply erase the experience from the resume and hope no one will ever pull it out again.

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