5 autumn recipes with chanterelle mushrooms

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Among the counters in the supermarket, i chanterelle mushrooms they can be recognized at a glance: a very bright yellow often almost orange, with a very jagged head reminiscent of the wattle of roosters (hence the name), fluted and delicate. They are among the most popular autumn ingredients, also because their consistency is much less spongy than other mushrooms, and they have an uncommon crunchiness if cooked well. We have it for you 5 recipes fantastic among side dishes, first courses and delicacies.

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Before we get to the heart, we will reveal a couple of secrets to enjoy them to their fullest potential. First of all, do not wash them by immersing them in water but get yourself a small brush and pass it gently on the mushroom to patiently remove all traces of soil. This operation is comparable to cleaning clams: you are never too scrupulous! Once cleaned, heat a pan well and sauté them over a very high heat for a couple of minutes: in this way the surface is cauterized and they will release much less water during cooking.

I stewed chanterelle mushrooms in a pan they are the ideal side dish alongside mashed potatoes, polenta, rice, stewed meat; the trick is to flavor the base well by adding aromatic herbs and garlic, but in the recipe we will also suggest other variations. If you love these mushrooms so much that you can’t accept that you can only eat them for a few weeks, then you should follow the recipe for chanterelles in oil.

This selection cannot be missed and first courses: a beautiful one Pasta Alla Boscaiola but revisited, to whet the appetite of the whole family, and one chanterelle soup exceptional and made on purpose to warm the heart during these first sparkling temperatures. Finally, we have chosen one for you creamy quiche and savory, which can be both a main course and an aperitif if served already sliced ​​or cubed: very simple to make, and not a small piece will remain.

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