5 celebrities who reported suffering from anxiety and depression

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The last post of Bella Hadid its Instagram shocked everyone a bit because the model, without any type of filter, told of suffering from anxiety and depression. He also showed, through a series of selfies, what it feels like on the darkest days. But it is not the only celebrity to have done so, indeed there are many who have honestly explained their mental health problems, fueling the discussion on the topic in a positive way.

Here are 5 celebs who talked about anxiety and depression.


The model, a few months ago, presented a web series, produced with Vogue, to explore issues related to mental health. On this occasion, he told of his personal experience with anxiety, which resulted in severe panic attacks. “I felt like I was going to die. It seemed to me that my heart was about to drop, I couldn’t breathe and the only thing I could think about was that I wanted to go to the hospital “. For years, he hid that he had this problem because he didn’t feel comfortable talking, but then he realized how important sharing was: «Talking about this is something that doesn’t make me happy, but you have to do it. These topics must no longer be taboo, ”he stressed.


The singer also chose Instagram to talk about his anxiety and depression problems. He explained that these problems came when he felt that he was not loved by anyone and that he felt completely isolated. “I was wallowing in sadness and my mind was always lingering on the same kind of thoughts and I couldn’t get out of it anymore”, he added. Indeed, Justin she followed a therapeutic path and decided to give different priorities to her life, putting her mental health first. A couple of years ago, in fact, he canceled some stages of his tour by explaining: “Now I’m very focused on solving some of my deep-rooted problems so that I don’t fall apart anymore. Music is very important to me, but nothing comes before my family and my health “.


In 2016, Selena Gomez she has put aside all her work commitments to treat panic attacks, anxiety and depression mainly due to her autoimmune disease, lupus. After recovering, one of the causes she always advocates is mental health: she talks about it as soon as possible because “it is very important that silence is not kept on these issues”. This is in fact one of the reasons that led her to personally produce a series like 13 reasons why. “I think I’ll never get over my anxiety and depression, but now I know how to handle them and that’s important. I’m only interested in being healthy, everything else comes later “, he told in an interview.


The anxiety of Ariana Grande is linked to two traumatic events: the death of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller, first, and then the terrorist attack that took place during a stage of his world tour in 2017 a Manchester. The singer of Thank u, next she has repeatedly shared Instagram posts and stories in which she told how debilitating anxiety was for her as it prevented her from performing or even doing very simple things. “My anxiety has anxiety – he explained in an interview -. I’m not kidding because some days I can’t do anything due to anxiety “. For a long time he didn’t talk about it thinking it was something normal, then he decided it was time to act, going to therapy: “Some days are worse than others, but now I can face it and do what I want, without it ruining everything”.


Some time ago, on the occasion of Mental Health Awareness Month, Ryan Reynolds he told on Instagram that he suffers from chronic anxiety and, after the promotional tour of Deadpool, of having had a small nervous breakdown. He undertook a path of therapy in which he was also helped by his wife Blake Lively. “We never talk enough about mental health and we don’t do enough to de-stigmatize it by talking about it. But, with this post, better late than never … I hope “, he wrote on his official account. In fact, from that moment on he decided to talk about it openly on other occasions as well, for example during interviews or talks.


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