5 celebs who hate their stage name

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Don’t you go crazy * about your name and have you considered a trip to the registry office? If it can console you, even some celebs do not appreciate their own!

Same story: young people, at the beginning of their careers, with the desire to break into showbiz, did not think that the name they had thought of would follow them for lifeunable to tear it off.

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Here are 5 celebs who hate their stage name:


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One of her first producers chose the name for the rapper, but she hated it right away. “She insisted – she told her – that Minaji was there and I tried to oppose her because I didn’t like her, but then I gave up. I still don’t like him, but now I consider him as a character that I have to play on stage ».

Certainly, however, it brought her a lot of luck because her first major contract came with that name.


As we know, the actress has a great passion for the Spice Girls so much that she chose her name, thinking of Baby Spice Emma Bunton. Too bad, though, that her real name is Emily and that she misses a lot to be called that. “I couldn’t do otherwise because my real name was already used by another actress, but I would much rather be called Emily than Emma”he explained in an interview.


Wilde’s real name is Olivia Cockburn and he decided to change it when he started acting, in honor of Oscar Wilde. The reason for this decision was his family: his parents are established documentary makers and journalists, so he didn’t want his career to be in any way related to them.

A choice she regretted in retrospect because he loves how his surname is pronounced. But it’s too late to turn back now.


In the case of the interpreter of 2 Broke Girls, who hates her stage name more than she does, is her family. In fact, early in her career, at 14, Katherine Litwack decided to change her name to Kat Dennings. to make it more eye-catching.

Mostly the replacement of the surname was particularly criticized by the family because it eliminated any reference to its Jewish origins. This, for years, has created quite a few problems with her family members who, apparently, have only recently begun to get over it.


The story of the actress is quite particular. Anne Hathaway is actually her real namebut no one among relatives and friends has ever called her that because she doesn’t particularly love him. She prefers to be referred to as Annie. Hence, she bitterly regretted choosing to use her real name in the workplace as well.

Here’s how celebs chose their stage name, part 2

Source: Vanity Fair

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