5 celebs who talked about the negative effects of social media

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Social media are a bit of our cross and delight: on the one hand we are part of a gigantic community where we can feel less alone and also support you in difficult moments, on the other hand we can be victims of its negative effects such as cyberbullying or online hatred. Often, the latter part dominates the former and it becomes mentally difficult to manage one’s accounts, especially if we are talking about very exposed people like our celebs.

There are many who, over the years, have spoken out against social media given the negative impact on their mental health. Here are some of them:


The former model is only the last, in chronological order, to find herself forced to delete her profile Twitter because of the negative and hateful comments he received on a daily basis. In his latest tweet, explaining the reason for his choice, he wrote: “It’s time to say goodbye: the negativity has dominated the positivity and I can’t help but act”. For now, his Instagram remains active where the situation seems to be more controlled.


The comedian of the Saturday Night Live, since he is famous, he has always made brief appearances on social networks: his profiles have been quite on / off. A decision made after the end of her relationship with Ariana Grande in 2018. “I don’t want to be present on social media – he explained later in an interview – why the internet is a bad place and being a part of it doesn’t make me feel good“. And for some time now he has seemed firm on this decision: the only accounts in his name are those of the fans.


The interpreter of A rainy day a New York he often used social media to send important messages, such as those of acceptance of his own body, also showing the scar caused by a kidney transplant. Everything would lead us to think that he knows how to handle this tool with care and instead he does not: he suffers the negative effects of online hatred like many of his colleagues and indeed he said that they have been and continue to be a lot “Dangerous for my generation”. She also added that she was scared of it most of the time. But for sure the messages he sends through his profile make social media a better place.


That of the singer is just an emblematic case, very close to our experience. During an interview he explained that he uses social media to “have fun, take a little off his head from daily commitments”, but many times the experience turns out to be negative: “Every time I start wasting some time, I I regret it. I start to feel bad, to feel wrong and my mood totally changes“. Think that Lizzo she is a proud champion of body positivity and has never shown herself different from what she is, but negative comments always find fertile ground.


The former wizard of Harry Potter he has never had official profiles simply because he does not want to be a victim of the mechanisms of social media. On multiple occasions, he has stated that he uses Twitter because he finds comments amusing, but does not want to be in the position of being scorned by thousands of strangers. He knows well that this could have a negative impact on him, indeed he stressed that he does not understand his colleagues: “I honestly do not understand how someone in my position voluntarily wants to put themselves in a similar situation.” A widely shared choice, if it serves to safeguard itself.

Obviously, we all live hyper-connected lives, but let’s remember that if being online, interacting on social media makes us feel uncomfortable or not at peace with ourselves, there is nothing wrong with taking a long break (even a definitive one). Our mental health comes first: we’ll take care of the rest later.

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