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5 (good) reasons to go to the Sophie Ellis Bextor concert in Milan

When we saw Saltburnhear the notes during the final scene Murders on the dance floor by Sophie Ellis Bextor was a real leap in time. After recovering from Barry Keoghan's full nude, how many of us have exclaimed: “I loved this song, but why did I stop listening to it?”. And, in fact, Emerald Fennel's film dragged us into a loop of repeatedly listening to this song, which will have lasting effects, clearly visible in our next Spotify Wrapped. And then there is Gen Z gone crazy discovering it for the first time, and catapulting it to the top of TikTok trends.

For those who can no longer get not only the song out of their heads, but also the entire discography of the British performer, so distinctly 2000s, there is good news: the next March 19, there will be his unmissable live, organized by Live Nation, ai General Warehouses from Milan. If you are undecided about whether or not to get the ticket, here are five reasons that will definitively convince you.


We know: phenomena in the world of music can be quite fleeting. Sophie Ellis Bextor, 20 years ago, was one of the most famous pop stars in the world, then we lost sight of her a bit. This return to popularity could be unique in his career and, perhaps, in some time it will be impossible to see her perform outside the English borders. So, a live show in our house is definitely an opportunity not to be missed.

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Those who have now discovered the English singer may not know her colorful and ironic videos. A dimension that is also reflected during live performances: everything is shiny and sparkling, enriched by extra looks that are worn as if it were a banal white t-shirt. So, even if the music doesn't completely captivate you (I doubt it, but maybe you could find yourself having one of those bad evenings where negativity is your hallmark in any type of human interaction), you would have a whole scenography and choreography to fill your eyes with. And we know, in concerts, the scenic aspect is not really a secondary element.


The evocative power of music is unique and, honestly, when I think back and listen to Sophie Ellis Bextor's songs I see a barely adolescent me who, with headphones in my ears, danced alone in the room. Now that many of us have become respectable 30-year-olds who find it a little difficult to completely relax, What's better than a concert where we can go back to being slightly reckless teenagers again? If we decide to shout the words of the song or dance with embarrassing movements, we already know we are protected by the sacred bond of the concert where anything can happen and there is very little wrong.


5 reasons to go to the Sophie Ellis Bextor concert in Milan
Lorne Thomson

If you haven't already sold everything on Vintedit's likely that somewhere in your closet you've buried the looks (definitely questionable: but it wasn't our fault) that you wore for your special evenings in the early 2000s. The peplum tops, the leggings with lace inserts, the denim miniskirts… so on and so forth. Bextor's live show in Milan is the right opportunity to dress up one of those embarrassing outfits again and wear it with the pride of someone who couldn't wait to take a photo and publish it on MySpace. Now I challenge you to do the same on Instagram, where your lovely work colleagues may follow you.


Between fun and memories of the past, Sophie Ellis Bextor's concert helps us remember that life, in a completely unexpected way, can give you second chances. And, in some cases (exactly like what is happening to her), they are better than the first ones. So, while you are at General Warehouses to sing Get Over Youa wonderful feeling could come over you: the one you feel when you leave any regrets behind and can't wait to be surprised by what the future has in store.

Source: Vanity Fair

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