5 places to eat a tiramisù of respect in São Paulo

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There is no doubt that one of the most famous sweets in the world is Italian. This is so true that “tiramisu” is the fifth word of the Italian cuisine best known outside the Italy and, it turns out, it is one of the few that retains its original spelling, no matter the language.

Its origin is widely discussed and uncertain. Some attribute it to Ado Campeol, chef, who died on October 30th, and founder of the restaurant Le Beccherie di Treviso, in the Veneto region. According to this version, the candy was born from an accident in the preparation of vanilla ice cream, with the inclusion of mascarpone while mixing eggs with sugar.

But there are other stories, more romanticized and I like the most, such as the one that says the candy was created as an aphrodisiac and invigorating in brothels in the same region (which makes sense, since tiramisù comes from tirami su, or “lift me up ” / “pulls me up”).

Mascarpone, savoiardi biscuit, egg yolk, coffee, sugar and cocoa powder are the six pillars of tiramisù (there are even those who add marsala wine to the recipe), but for the most diverse reasons (lack of ingredients or creativity, for example), it is possible to see adapted or innovative recipes. At the Japan, for example, has the Matcha Tiramisu and, in several countries, there are drinks inspired by the sweet, such as the Tiramisu Frappucino from the Starbucks coffee chain.

Around here, I imagine that tiramisù fell in the favor of Brazilians precisely because of the café. Regardless of the versions of its creation and adaptations in its recipe, in honor of Ado Campeol and for being one of the sweets I like the most, I highlight it here five places to eat great tiramisù in São Paulo.


As already mentioned, Fasano is a combination of Italian cuisine, impeccable service and architecture and is run by the triad Gero Fasano (restaurant), Luca Gozzani (chef) and Manoel Beato (sommelier).

In this restaurant, which is considered one of the most luxurious in SP, tiramisù takes marsala wine and costs R$72.

Fasano (@fasano): Rua Vittorio Fasano, 88, Jardins, São Paulo-SP.

Shihoma Pasta Fresca

Shihoma was born as a delivery and, a few months ago, it was named here on CNN Viagem & Gastronomia as one of mine Favorite deliveries for small producers in São Paulo.

Fortunately, due to the success of his fresh pastas that border on perfection, both in execution and in plating, in August 2021 Marcio Shihomatsu opened his restaurant and has the support of the couple of cooks Bia Freitas and Joey Lim to serve one of the most delicious pastas. hot babes in São Paulo today.

Tiramisù, which includes sponge cake and coffee liqueur, costs R$28.

Shihoma Pasta Fresca (@pastashihoma): Rua Medeiros de Albuquerque, 431, Vila Madalena, São Paulo-SP. Delivery via site.

Bráz Trattoria

Open for almost 7 years and one of my favorite mall restaurants in São Paulo, Bráz Trattoria, from Companhia Tradicional de Comércio, serves Italian canteen food in a modern setting at Shopping Cidade Jardim.

The menu, set up by Marcelo Tanus, features tiramisù served in a “grandma’s house” dish to be served in the individual pot and eaten, as light as a mousse. It costs BRL 27.

Bráz Trattoria (@braztrattoria): Av. Magalhães de Castro, 12.000, Shopping Cidade Jardim, São Paulo-SP. Delivery via iFood, Rappi e app CJ Food.

Tiramisu Sossi

Apparently, Tiramisu Sossi is the first boutique specialized in sweets in the country. It was born due to the pandemic and only with delivery in May 2020 and its first physical store opened in March 2021.

It is run by chef Lara Carolina and excels in the use of typical Italian ingredients in execution. The mascarpone (the heart of the recipe) is imported from Italy and the savoiardi biscuit is handcrafted.

You can find the candy in sizes P (R$ 30), M (R$ 45) or G (R$ 60) in tray formats, or in platters for 8 people, birthday pies and pots, besides which there are flavors unusual other than the traditional ones, such as pistachios, hazelnuts and white chocolate with amarena. One of the novelties is for customers to take their own dish to the store to assemble the candy when ordering.

Tiramisu Sossi (@tiramisubr): Rua Marselhesa, 447, Vila Mariana, São Paulo-SP. Orders via WhatsApp. Soon, another store will open in Pinheiros.

Basilicata Trattoria

In addition to the centenary Padaria Basilicata and the restaurant opened in 2017, which operates on the previous floor, in early 2021 the Basilicata Trattoria was founded, led by chef Rafael Lorenti. The most modern environment, in a beautiful corner property, is one of the restaurant’s attractions.

The tiramisù, which includes a champagne biscuit and Aridan beans, costs R$30.

Basilicata Trattoria (@basilicatatrattoria): Rua Joaquim Antunes, 197, Jardim Paulistano, São Paulo-SP. Delivery via iFood.

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Reference: CNN Brasil

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