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5 ‘Royals’ Whose Style Transformed When They Became Royals

What girl did not dream of being a princess? All our favorite stories and movies showed us beautiful princesses who managed to triumph over any evil. Sure, this is a dream that, for the vast majority of people, is soon behind us.

However, there are those who saw how that fantasy became their reality and went from being normal and common girls to being the wives of the heirs of the few thrones that remain in the world. But such a title doesn’t come without strings attached and part of a future queen’s job is to look like one. Therefore, by joining the royal family, the style of these five monarchs was transformed.

1.Kate Middleton

The current Duchess of Cambridge married Prince William in 2011 and since then, she steals all eyes in each of her official appearances for her impeccable sense of fashion, because we cannot deny that, regardless of the occasion, today in day, Kate is always the picture of elegance.

However, this was not always the case and even the Duchess had her moments of outfits questionable when she was younger, before she became a future queen. In her youth, Kate had the fun of any 20-something, and we’re happy about that, as the British royal family’s dress code wouldn’t allow her to wear an outfit like the ones on the left.

2.Diana Spencer

Diana Spencer, better known as Lady Di, was never a stranger to royalty, as she was born into a family belonging to the British nobility. Of course, that was very different from her being the Princess of Wales, wife of the heir to the throne of England. Diana’s style after marriage was always very versatile and she knew how to look chic without breaking the dress rules to which members of the British royal family are subjected.

The real change we could see after her mediatic and controversial separation from Prince Charles, since Diana no longer had any restrictions and was able to bring out a more sexy and sophisticated facet. Of course, she never lost her characteristic elegance and even today, almost 25 years after her death, she is considered a great style icon.

3. Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly was a successful actress of the Golden Age of Hollywood, who after taking the world of cinema by storm, retired at the age of 26 to marry Prince Rainier III, sovereign of Monaco, thus becoming the princess consort of That country. Grace was always distinguished by her elegant style and even with the restrictions of a member of a royal family, she always managed to stand out.

4. Letizia Ortiz

The queen consort of Spain is one of the best dressed monarchs today and her outfits They never disappoint, as the queen manages to show her own style in each of her public appearances without neglecting the rules that she submits to due to her title. Letizia used to be a journalist and, therefore, her work clothes were always formal, although it does not compare with the elegance that she exudes today. Did you know that she is the first wife of a king of Spain who is not royalty by birth?

5. Meghan Markle

The Duchess of Sussex was already a public figure before marrying Prince Harry, as she worked as an actress, so the media attention was nothing new for her. What she did make a difference to was the dress code she had to follow after joining the British royal family. Meghan adopted a more serious and understated style for her official appearances as a royal. In addition, her makeup and hairstyle also matured and became more elegant and understated.

Source: Okchicas

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