5 things to know before buying a refurbished product

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Buy a refurbished technological product it’s good for our wallets and also for the environment, but to get a good deal you need a little attention. Moving among the many offers on the net and the various specialized sites is not always simple and intuitive.

1. What are refurbished products
The first thing to understand is the difference between used and refurbished (or regenerated). In fact, a refurbished object does not necessarily mean that it has also been used. In some cases they are devices purchased by mistake or perhaps with some manufacturing defect and then returned to the store. In some cases they end up in this product category used in shop windows or who only have damaged packaging.

However, in the vast majority of cases the refurbished products have been used but are then checked, fixed, in some cases adjusted, then cleaned and sanitized before being put back on sale. Serious companies they carry out dozens of tests on products and if, for example, smartphone batteries were inefficient they would come replaced.

A used product lacks this process and therefore could hide some pitfalls not only linked to wear, but also to operation.

Beware though that not all refurbished products are the same, the control carried out depends a lot on the seller, whether it is a company specializing in remanufactured devices, or whether it is directly the manufacturer. Again it is good check reputation of those who sell items.

2. Grades of quality
After being acquired and controlled, the refurbished technology product is assigned a vote based on the conditions in which it is found. The value is expressed in letters and goes from A to D when referring to aesthetics. So a device with grade A it is practically perfect, without signs of wear and defects of any kind. The letter B indicates those products in excellent condition. If you go down to C and D the used phone or computer certainly has some imperfections. Some sites or sellers may use slightly different letters or values, but the principle is the same.

This classification, as we have said, only concerns the aesthetics of the object but there are also indications that concern it the condition of the accessories and packaging, even if it is more difficult for them to be clearly reported by the seller. Before making a purchase, it is always good to also read the information concerning above all accessories, checking whether they are present or not, whether they are original or not.

3. Warranty
This point is crucial. If the products do not have a warranty or it is limited to a few months, it is best to avoid buying them. An acceptable and reassuring duration must be of at least 12 monthsbetter if it is the one provided directly by the manufacturer because it would also allow access to any assistance services.

Some companies such as Amazon or Apple, but also some sites and apps specialized in remanufactured products offer guarantees practically similar to those of new products, so si can go up to 24 months. Also to be verified the methods of return if the purchase is made online. Italian law provides that you can have a change of mind at no cost within 14 days.

Source: Vanity Fair

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