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5 tips for taking a perfect portrait with your smartphone

In Paris, a stone’s throw from the Trocadero, at 6 rue de Lota in the residential district of Porte-Dauphine, stands theprivate hotel of the Harcourt Studio. Here is born the French portrait. Harcourt is a renowned Parisian photography studio, founded in 1934 by Cosette Harcourt and the Lacroix brothers. It has remained a point of reference for high-end portrait photography in France for decades, thanks also to the work of the French cinematographer Henri AlekanThe Harcourt style is characterized by aclassic and timeless aestheticswhich is characterized by the clever use of natural and artificial light, simple backdrops and careful attention to composition.

Famous for its elegant and refined style, the studio has created iconic celebrity portraitsartistic personalities and political figures of the twentieth century, becoming a point of reference in portrait photography. Among the most famous subjects immortalised by Studio Harcourt are Coco ChanelJean Cocteau, Marlene Dietrich, Ernest Hemingway, Salvador Dalí, Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren. Who better than Studio Harcourt has the skills to describe the tips of the perfect portrait? Here they are in brief:

1. 5:4 format

The artistic style of Harcourt portraits is in 5:4 format to create more creative portraits. The 5:4 format is considered a classic for portraiture, having been widely used in 20th century analog photography. This shape represents a ratio between the dimensions of width and height considered aesthetically pleasing and balanced.

2. 2x or 2.5x zoom

The additional advice is to use the sensor in 2x or 2.5x mode for portraits, in order to avoid wide-angle distortion and obtain a perfect depth of field. In addition, you can consider the subject’s pose slightly composed and with a slight smile.

3. Minimal background

Harcourt’s photographs are made in black and white, recalling the style of 1930s cinema films. This black and white style gives the images a timeless and elegant feel. This choice is emphasized by simple and minimalist backgrounds because they avoid distracting elements that distract attention from the subject.

4. Natural light

Use Side Light to create an aura of mystery or Front Light to intensify presence. Make sure the light is adequate for the shot. Harcourt photographers do not use flash, but skillfully use natural light to sculpt faces and create a characteristic chiaroscuro. Bounce light is mainly used to emphasize the lines of the face and the depth of the eyes.

5. Move

Move around your subject, apply the rule of thirds, and try different angles to get the best shot. Increased communication with your models can make them more confident, relaxed, and comfortable with their pose.

Honor 200 Pro

Honor 200 Pro

How to get the Harcourt effect with Honor 200 Pro

These tips are valid for portraits taken with any smartphone: we tried with Honor 200 Pro and it’s all very simple. In fact, this smartphone is equipped with the engine Honor AI Portrait enhanced not only by artificial intelligence, but also by the knowledge and technique of the same Harcourt Studio. «The collaboration with Honor is the result of joint work,» he explains to us Catherine Renarddirector and CEO of Studio Harcourt Paris. “It’s not a filter, but a portrait mode, developed thanks to AI.” To use this function, simply open the camera, select Portrait and then click on the Harcourt mode. At this point a window will open with three portraits: Harcourt lively, coloured, classic in black and white. One more tip for taking a Harcourt Touch Portrait: a matte makeup to avoid skin shine!

Prices and availability

Elegant design inspired by nature, theHONOR 200 Pro (12+512GB) It is available in three color variations: Ocean Cyan, Moonlight White And Black at the price of €799. Furthermore, by adding €49.90 you can have a Watch4 and with only €1.90 a 100W charger. Finally, on the site you can purchase the smartphone using a coupon of €100.

Source: Vanity Fair

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