5 Ways to Raise Strong and Courageous Girls

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For a long time, women were forced to behave in certain ways, so we were placed in the same social mold. But because of the unity and strength with which we have demanded fairness, we currently do not have to settle for being told what to do.

For this reason, it is important that respectful upbringing towards girls reigns in homes, that is, an education that puts aside gender labels and stereotypes that in the past did so much harm. To achieve this, we leave you the following tips to help your daughter, niece, cousin or any woman in your life, to empower her feminine force.

1. Let her discover the activities that make her happy

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girls and science

Nowadays, nothing is exclusively pink or blue, so if your girl wants to play soccer, let her feel her heart leap when she scores a goal and sweat like never before from the effort. She is in her hands to decide what she likes to do and no one should mess with that freedom.

2. Show him that his opinion matters

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mom and daughter talking

It may sound easy and accessible today, but for centuries women’s voices had no value. So, whenever you can, remind your daughter that her opinion matters, so she never lets anyone downplay what she has. to say.

3. Don’t impose outdated gender roles on her.

Girl dressed as a superhero

Although we see it less and less, there are still people who believe that women must fulfill certain roles in society. Do not fall into repeating these patterns with your girl, let her grow without labels so that she develops her full potential and shines as she wants.

4. Let her discover her own way of expressing her femininity

Girl doing strength in her arms

There are many ways to express individuality, so from childhood you have to give girls freedom to discover how they like to dress, what haircut they prefer or what music moves them. Never pigeonhole her to follow the patterns of “femininity” imposed.

5. Bring her closer to content created by women

mother and daughter reading

It is important to give visibility to content made by and for women, which is why she tries to educate her with the help of this type of material, so that she grows up admiring and recognizing her own gender as strong, brave and important.

What else can you do?

It is crucial that you know the spaces that are destined to vindicate the value of women, such as that of epic queenwhich is a social startup that seeks to bring girls and women closer to STEM (Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Technology) careers, through educational programs.

Thank you to your courses and careers, have managed to get more than 70,000 girls interested in subjects that were previously considered only for men. In addition, so that everyone has the possibility of accessing their content, they offer discounts and scholarship programs that facilitate access to its content.

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Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology to make their way in this world.

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