Whale Alert discovered that two wallets that had been dormant for over 10 years had transferred significant amounts of bitcoin. In the first case, the return was about 4,920%, and in the second case, 68,000%.

According to the blockchain data, 1,004 BTC worth $56.92 million were transferred from the first wallet. There have been no transactions at this address for 10 years and 6 months. The funds were transferred first to one wallet, and then from it to another address, where they remain at the moment. Note that these are unknown addresses, that is, they do not belong to exchanges or other known companies.

The wallet owner spent about $1.132 million to buy bitcoins between 2013 and 2014, when bitcoin was trading below $800. Thus, he multiplied his funds by almost 50 times.

But the owner of the second wallet, where the funds had been lying for more than 11 years, received a much more noticeable benefit. The amount was significantly smaller – 20 BTC ($1.41 million), but the investments were also incomparable – only $1,676. The investor bought bitcoins in July 2013, when the first cryptocurrency was trading at $80.

The owner of the second wallet followed the scheme of the first one – he transferred money to an unknown address, and then the bitcoins went to a new address. Therefore, most likely, both wallets belong to the same person.

It was recently reported that the owner of a wallet with 43 bitcoins managed to regain access to his funds after 11 years.