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6.1 magnitude earthquake kills at least five in Iran

At least five people died and another 12 were injured after a earthquake of magnitude 6.1 reaches the south of the Will early this Saturday (2), according to state media. Two other 6.3 magnitude earthquakes also shook the area.

“Five people died in the earthquake. So far, 12 are hospitalized,” Mehrdad Hassanzadeh, head of emergency management in Iran’s Gulf coast Hormozgan province, told state TV.

“Rescue work has been carried out and we are now providing tents as emergency shelter.”

The IRNA news agency said a magnitude 6.3 quake and a magnitude 6.1 quake followed the 6.1 quake that devastated the village of Sayeh Khosh, off the coast of the Gulf of Iran. There were more than a dozen aftershocks.

“All the victims died in the first earthquake and no one was injured in the following ones, because people were already out of their homes,” explained Foad Moradzadeh, governor of Bandar Lengeh country, to IRNA.

The territory of Iran is home to the main geological faults of the globe. As a result, the country has been suffering from devastating earthquakes in recent years.

In 2003, a 6.6 magnitude earthquake in Kerman province killed 31,000 people and destroyed the ancient city of Bam.

Source: CNN Brasil

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