6-year-old boy arrested after shooting teacher in Virginia, police say

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A 6-year-old boy is in police custody after shooting a teacher at Richneck Elementary School in Newport News, Va., on Friday afternoon, Police Chief Steve Drew said at a news conference..

“Subject is a six-year-old student. He is now in police custody,” said Drew. “We reached out to our community advocate and a few other entities to help us get the best services for this young man.”

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Drew said the teacher – who is in her 30s – was shot inside a classroom and added that “it was not an accidental shooting”.

The delegate said that there was a fight between the teacher and the student, who had the firearm, and that there was a single shot.

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Drew, who had previously said the teacher was in critical condition. He had previously said that his injuries were deemed fatal, but that there had been “some improvement in the last update”.

There were no other students involved, the chief said. The investigation is ongoing.

“Let’s do the investigation, there are questions we want to ask and find out. I want to know where that firearm came from, what the situation was,” added Drew.

Richneck Elementary School will be closed on Monday, according to the Superintendent of Newport News Public Schools, Dr. George Parker.

“I’m in shock and dismayed,” Parker said at Friday’s press conference. “We need to educate our children and we need to keep them safe.”

“We need community support, ongoing support, to ensure that guns are not available to young people and I am sounding like a broken record today because I continue to reiterate this: we need to keep guns out of the hands of our young people,” said the superintendent.

Authorities are also investigating any past occurrences that may have occurred prior to the shooting, Parker added.

Source: CNN Brasil

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