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62% of entrepreneurs believe in the improvement of the real estate sector in 2023, says survey

62% of entrepreneurs believe in the improvement of the real estate sector in 2023, says survey

A survey carried out by Brain Inteligência Estratégica, in partnership with the Brazilian Association of Real Estate Developers (ABRAINC), showed that 62% of entrepreneurs in the sector believe that the real estate market in 2023 will be a little or much better than this year. In addition, 55% said 2022 sales were at or above the targets set at the beginning of the year.

The survey was carried out with 356 entrepreneurs in the real estate sector, with the main objective of collecting their perceptions about the performance of the sector and companies this year, in addition to perspectives for the future.

“Most people foresaw an unfavorable scenario, especially due to the high interest rates, but this is not what we have seen. The results for the year have been positive and entrepreneurs are very optimistic for 2023”, said Fábio Tadeu Araújo, CEO of Brain Intelligence Estratégica.

Another survey, also included in the material “Trends for the Real Estate Market”, sought to hear the perceptions of consumers regarding the intention to purchase real estate and the relationship of people with the property. 850 interviewees from all regions of the country were heard. 85% of consumers who purchased properties in the last 12 months purchased residential units (69% for housing and 16% for second homes or leisure properties).

According to the president of ABRAINC, Luiz França, both popular and high- and medium-standard properties had good results and expectations for the coming year are good.

“The real estate sector is a great engine for the country’s growth and job creation. (…) Brazil today stands out in relation to other countries in the world. We were able to have a policy of raising interest rates before the next countries, that is, we have controlled inflation compared to other countries in the world”, assessed França.

In addition, 78% of respondents said that home is the place they most enjoy being. The data, collected between August and September, were presented during the 5th edition of Incorpora, the Brazilian Forum of Real Estate Developers.

The event, in São Paulo, brought together companies and CEO’s of the real estate market, as well as representatives of financial institutions in Brazil, in a series of panels on the great challenges of the sector and the perspectives for the coming year.

“It is essential to bring together important players in the sector to discuss solutions that benefit consumers, open doors to new investments and generate jobs and dividends for Brazil,” said França.

Source: CNN Brasil



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