65 years of FIAT 500

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The iconic “Cinquecento” aspires to conquer the market in its new, modern electric version. And apparently he’s not doing too badly.

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The 4th of July has always been a date of great significance for the Fiat 500: the “big, little car” of mass motoring in Italy, which has sold more than 7 million times, was presented today in 1957. In Italy and around the world the FIAT 500 has been loved as a classic car, advertised by Hollywood stars and used by Pope Francis for his commute. “The Fiat 500 is a completely successful model just like the Mini,” says car expert Ferdinand Dudenhofer. “It characterizes Italy and has been adapting for decades to modern requirements”.

It was presented for the first time in 1957 under the name Fiat Nuova 500. The advertising spot of the time called it a “faithful friend” that can take you reliably either to the mountains or to the sea. Since then they have been presented in many versions: from convertible and sports to station wagon “Giardinieria”, says the representative of the company Marco Fresi. The company from January 2021 is part of the multinational Stellantis Group after the merger of the French PSA Group with Fiat – Chrysler.

The electric FIAT 500

65 years later, Fiat has set out on the path to the future with a new way of interpreting the concept of the car. Paying tribute to the iconic Fiat 500 or “Topolino” FIAT “orients itself with a strategic and clear objective towards the new green era” says Fresi.

Wanting to limit its ecological footprint, the company has set the goal of purely electric motoring by 2027. It also intends to use environmentally friendly colors. The old factory in the Lingotto area of ​​Turin, where new vehicles were tested for decades, has today been transformed into a large garden. “If you want to bring a vintage car into the future, it has to fit the era you’re bringing it to, otherwise it will turn into a museum piece,” says Dudenhofer, praising FIAT’s decision to turn the old test track into a green lung.

This is exactly what the Italians aspire to with the electric Fiat 500. After the many failed tests in the 90s when the batteries had charging problems and the vehicle’s range was too limited, today the electric Fiat 500 can cover up to 320 kilometers on a single charging.

Particularly popular in the German market

Electric car owners criticize the lack of a dense network of charging stations. According to the German Federal Network Agency, there are around 62,000 public charging stations in Germany, an increase of 30% compared to 2021. An increase in charging points is also recorded in Italy, which currently has 26,000.

“In fact what is needed are home charging stations and fast charging points on the highways,” points out German expert Ferdinand Dunenhofer. In Germany, however, the electric FIAT 500 is particularly loved, since it occupies a high position in the sales of purely electric cars.

Johannes Neudecker, dpa

Edited by: Iosifina Tsagalidou

Source: Deutsche Welle

Source: Capital

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