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7 profiles with health and well-being tips to follow in the summer

The arrival of summer is usually accompanied by goals and projects that aim to improve self-esteem and acquire healthier lifestyle habits to live through the season. However, arriving this season feeling lighter and feeling better about yourself may not be an easy task.

Sometimes what you need to dive into healthier habits is encouragement and inspiration. To this end, there are profiles on social networks completely focused on promoting greater health and well-being, contributing to self-acceptance and the search for a healthier life.

With that in mind, the CNN has put together a list of seven profiles that influence you in a beneficial way and can give you a “little push” to lead a healthier lifestyle in a safe and responsible way this summer.

Check out 7 profiles with health and well-being tips to follow in the summer

  • @nutri.des.construida

Pabyle Flauzino is a nutritionist and says on her Instagram profile, @nutri.des.construida, which seeks to encourage a political and diet-free diet for its followers. In the summer, but not only, the influencer shows how you can eat well and move your body, without having to have “neurasks” and embark on crazy diet and training plans.

  • @marcioatalla

Physical educator, Marcio Atalla shares nutrition tips, as well as simple, practical and effective exercises to perform on a daily basis. Specific tips adapted for hot weather are also being seen in your Instagram profile.

  • @aleluglio

Alessandra Luglio is a nutritionist and brings content on Instagram about healthy lifestyle habits more focused on a vegan and green diet. Through videos and posts with tips on healthy eating, the professional seeks to make you value the health of your “future self”.

  • @mbottan

Mirian Bottan seeks to bring into her Instagram profile tips on how to live well with a healthy body – and sometimes outside the norm – through reflections on eating disorders, addictions and low self-esteem. Mirian aims to show that it is possible to be healthy without worrying about food and your body.

  • @henrich.lima:

With more than a million followers on Instagram, Henrich Lima publishes “low impact” exercises, that is, those that promote less impact on the joints. The aim is to present simple training sessions, to be done even sitting down, while working from home, using common objects that everyone has to help.

  • @cristalmuniz

With a more sustainable footprint, Cristal Muniz promotes your Instagram profile a life full of healthy habits designed not only for your own well-being, but that of the entire planet. The influencer is also the founder of the page @umavidasemlixo, where she challenged herself to live completely without plastic.

  • @mariafmontoro

Journalist, Maria Montoro shows daily the life she leads with a balanced diet, in addition to inspiring her body to move to its maximum, as she is completely adept at sports: she runs, practices yoga, meditation, and does bodybuilding.

Source: CNN Brasil

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