7 reasons to realize that happiness is in the family

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We are currently living in an atypical moment in which everything that seemed important suddenly takes a back seat. Then we realize that all we need to live well is to be with those we love.

Take advantage of this pause in your life to get closer to your loved ones, appreciate them and make them feel special, because they say that home is where the heart is.

1. Your parents have many things to tell you

Scene from the series Pretty Little Liars, Aria watching her parents while they are at a ceremony

Who can say that he really knows his parents? Have you sat down to talk with them about their childhood, dreams, fears and greatest joys? If the answer is no or not enough, take this time to catch up.

Remember that listening to what another person has to say is one of the greatest expressions of love.

2. Your brothers are your biggest confidants

Sisters embracing taking a picture

Siblings are the best friends that good luck has put under our roof and within our grasp when we need support.

Regardless of the little fights or the missing clothes from our closet, we can always count on them to laugh, cry, discuss our future plans and ask for advice.

3. Food is never lacking at the table

Family around a table enjoying a delicious meal

If parents know one thing, it is that a good meal is capable of relieving a sad heart, appeasing an angry soul and accompanying the greatest joys, as they were taught at home.

Mom’s food is the remedy for everything, but more than food, it’s about sitting at the table and enjoying endless conversations with your loved ones.

4. They have been with you forever

Scene from the movie Training Dad in which he and his daughter enjoy a day at the spa

Family is unconditional and regardless of the normal frictions that arise in convenience, they will never fail us.

If you don’t believe it, you just need to take a little trip back in time. Look at old photographs and see what you and your family have had to go through to get to this moment in life.

5. They are your superheroes

Dad and mom playing with their babies while in the kitchen

Superhero movies are entertaining, but we don’t need to see the big screen to find strong, brave and fantastic characters, just look inside our home to know that we come from a family of heroes.

Dad strives so that we lack nothing, Mom heals our souls with his healing powers, our brother protects us tooth and nail, and our sister knows how to guess everything that happens to us.

6. They don’t need great details to show love

Dad building a fort for his kids to play

There is more than one way to say “I love you,” whether it be preparing someone else’s favorite food, helping him with his homework, giving him his favorite candy, or sharing a video that reminds you of him or her.

Affection is spoken, but it is also in what we do for the other person.

7. The family is your greatest teacher of life

Family lying in bed while watching movies

They taught us from the most basic, how to walk and talk, to the most complicated, how to do math and express our emotions.

The best thing about living with the family is that we will never stop learning from them. We just have to learn to listen and follow their wise advice.

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