7 sex toys that Samantha Jones would buy in 2021

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Alessandro Michele, creative director of Gucci, to present the collection Love Parade of the Florentine maison, brought not only movie stars to the runway of Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, but also sex toys. Models and models wore these objects of pleasure that the designer transformed into necklaces and jewels, revealing the clear intention of making sex the protagonist of the show.

The sex toy necklace at the Gucci Love Parade fashion show. Getty photo

David Crotty

In short, even fashion launches an important message more than ever: that of live intimacy without any taboos, in the name of freedom, experimentation and fun. The legendary was already convinced of this decades ago Samantha Jones from Sex and The City che under the motto of “Honey, my vagina does not wait for any man” has begun to clear the way of masturbation among women, beginning to undermine its stereotypes in a few jokes with immediate effect and giving lessons in independence and safety. For her, in fact, female orgasm has never had any secrets.

While the masturbation gap, or the disparity between the relationship that men and women have with masturbation both in terms of action and conversation. In fact, in the female universe, unlike what happens in the male one, autoeroticism has always been a part of the sexual sphere that is discussed and practiced too little. The situation, however, is slowly changing and this is also confirmed there sale of sex toys for women. According to a recent study conducted by Technavio, in fact, the market for female erotic gadgets increased by 14.74% in 2020 and by 2025 it could reach 15.71 billion dollars, with an average annual growth rate of 13.57. %.

I vibrators 4.0, more and more Instagram-friendly and design, they are, in fact, becoming the new objects of desire, in all senses. After all, Gwyneth Paltrow also states this on Goop, her 360 ° women’s wellness site, that having more than one on the bedside table means never getting bored (the latest launched by the star, in white and blue, is specific for the G-spot).

Even the chain of franchise of beauty Sephora now celebrates sexuality without hiding: the pop vibrators, in soft silicone and ergonomic, of the brand are available online and in store Smile Makers, while Abiby, talent scout of must-have products in the beauty world and Italian leader in the subscription beauty box sector, in the section Intimacy of the online shop offers a selection of lubricants, sex toys and proposals dedicated exclusively to moments of pleasure. Furthermore, just for November, it launches the special box Come with me dedicated to pleasure and to take care of yourself in every aspect, even sexual.

“In recent years we have seen one revolution of the “sex toy” object which not only concerns the many innovations introduced (different models with various functionalities and specificities), but also invests in a more profound way these objects of pleasure, which have now become objects of well-being capable of promoting knowledge of oneself and one’s body “, he comments Valentina Cosmi, sexologist and consultant of LELO, a leading brand in the sex toys sector. “Past the porn aspect, sex toys actually represent a safe and delicate tool, sometimes useful to rehabilitate intimacy, but also simply to understand how your body works and where / how it can give pleasure. These aspects linked to sexual-affective well-being concern everyone, young and old, and transversely affect all sexual orientations and the different nuances of gender identity ».

What are we waiting for, then, if we haven’t already, to get ourselves an erotic game? In the gallery we have made a selection of the most fantastic ones around, which promise daily orgasms without sentimental complications. Samantha Jones, for sure, would approve.

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