7 tips to reduce the pandemic tired face effect and start 2021 with sprint

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It seems obvious to say it, but the golden rule to arrive at New Year’s Eve with a face in good condition is to play in advance and treat yourself to an aesthetic treatment that protects you from the dullness and dull complexion of too much sedentary and home life, due to pandemics Christmas holidays between binges and toasts (for the lucky ones). To start with sprint in the new year, we have collected some tips that help to completely erase the signs of this year just ended and so strange to approach the next in the best way.

For those in Milan, the Salon de Beautè, with two locations in via Victor Hugo and in the City Life area, has developed a regenerating treatment that will make the skin turn, is called Hydraskin. IS a cleaning different from the classic one, without squeezing, natural and with a much softer approach. It uses a technology that encompasses three methods of skin treatment: a skin suction with Vacuum, oxygen therapy and biostimulation with LED light. THEThe Vacuum system increases the blood flow and nourishment to the tissue while it favors the extraction of blackheads, with a more innovative method, which, before the covid, used steam, while now the skin is slightly moistened and treated with acids , a mix of pyruvid, mandelic, salicylic and salicylic, which facilitate aspiration. The oxygen concentrator immediately revitalizes and renews the skin thanks to the action of a specific active ingredient, which has an antibacterial effect. Finally, thehe biostimulation generated by photons emitted by LED light is essential to energize the skin and repair damaged cells by increasing skin turnover.

A smart and well-groomed appearance is also due to an open and attentive look. Salon de Beautè is on the podium of the most popular destinations for microblading, that is a light tattoo to redesign and perfect the design of the eyebrows with a perfectly natural result. The expert hand that creates the magic is that of Sara Vecchi, who arrives from Rome for a monthly appointment in Milan, to treat the eyebrows of influencers such as ClioMakeUp, Bélen Rodriguez, Chiara Biasi, Beatrice Valli, but also of Marina Di Guardo, mother of Chiara Ferragni, and Pink Fanti, partner of Carlo Cracco. The treatment is specific to fill sparse eyebrows, but also to make different arches mirror by creating a continuous line with skin-compatible pigments that draw the curve hair by hair, to simulate a natural, but thicker and more defined eyebrow effect.

There are those who say that it must be an alginate mask, based on algae rich in vitamins, polysaccharides and nourishing proteins to revitalize the skin, those who believe that a mix of hyaluronic acid and aloe vera to use during sleep helps to wake up with an incomparable freshness. To find out the best face mask suited to your needs, you can consult professionals for a streaming consultation every day from 8.00 to 24.00 on My Beauty Whisper downloadable from Googleplay and Apple Store, it is the new free mobile App that allows each user to obtain advice on demand, if necessary also in a foreign language, to identify ideal skincare products and solutions, but also make-up and fragrances, to make choices that best suit your needs. A similar service is offered by Chanel with Virtual Beauty Services, personalized online consultancy services with the Maison’s make-up artist and beauty advisor who are available to provide one-to-one experiences dedicated to Make up, Skincare and Parfum. The Chanel Skincare Essential, 30 minutes, is dedicated to tailored advice for perfect skin. A personalized consultation to know the specific needs of your skin type, create or perfect your skincare routine and discover the gestures that optimize the effectiveness of the products.

How can the Milanese always be perfect every day of the year, including those in a pandemic? You won’t believe it but they use it saffron, their secret ingredient not only for risotto. This is confirmed by the beauty editors, authors of the book «La Milanese imbellita», that is Alice Abbiadati and Alice Rosati, who for Christmas collaborated with Milanesi Skincare and during the whole holiday period with the purchase of a product of the line, there is their book as a gift. “Saffron is naturally rich in antioxidants and vitamins, it is an anti-pollution that, if enhanced by the active organic pomegranate water and prickly pear oil, makes the skin supple and relaxed in the blink of an eye”. A mix that the Milanesi Skincare brand has included in the Illuminating Face Cream formula.

The showgirl revealed it to us in a recent interview, confessing that she has always had the obsession with dark circles that since she was a child she tried to lighten with a homemade method, the grandmother’s peeling. «A secret for the eye contour that I still carry around today, and which was my grandmother’s habit, is a manual peeling at no cost. The recipe is based on sugar, juice of half a lemon squeezed and then I add any cream, such as Biafin or Connettivina, this mix I pass around the eyes, on the neck and face as soon as I wake up. It works, it lightens dark circles and skin. Sometimes I do it even when I see the dull and gray complexion after having removed the television make-up ».

It is an ancient natural and alternative skin therapy, which has become very popular today, which reduces muscle tension, has an anti-aging effect, improves circulation and promotes a healthy lymphatic system, also sculpts and reduces facial swelling. All this and much more is thanks to the facial massage with Gua Sha. The beauty secret of many stars to incorporate into their daily routine. It is a handpiece of mineral stone that gives a facelift, without side effects, but only benefits. This practice of self-care of the skin is a real panacea for relaxing the features of the face. Many of them praise its virtues Miranda Kerr, who follows a 100% organic routine and said in an interview on Vogue.co.uk that he discovered the beauty of Gua Sha, and Hailey pepper who attributes the radiance of her face to her therapist’s facial massages and healer Los Angeles, Emma Goodman, also known as the Skin Witch on Instagram. The expert confessed to Vogue Uk that she uses crystals, bases her therapies on the cycles of the moon, on the setting of precise intentions and on the channeling of her physical energy in facial treatments, which seem to have magic thanks to a combination of facial reflexology, massage, chakra balancing, breathing work, body scanning, craniosacral therapy and of course the strategic use of Gua Sha. To learn how to use it Kourtney Kardashian, another fan of the lifting stone, on her lifestyle site launched last year, Poosh, offers a very useful and easy to replicate tutorial. There he is.

After the months between lockdown and the continuous use of masks, what is needed is a peeling that erases the signs of visible tension to regain a relaxed and luminous face instantly. The LPG endermologie® facial treatment Immediate Splendor Activator Protocol in just 15 minutes gently exfoliates, doubles the reflection of light and thins the skin texture, in a natural and non-invasive way, giving a new skin to start again in 2021 without memory of what it was . The patented LPG® treatment head acts, in fact, through micro-beats on the entire surface of the skin of the face and neck, offering a fitness session to the skin. This unique and painless stimulation gently exfoliates the skin and oxygenates the tissues, reactivating the micro-circulation to even out the complexion. A session costs 30 euros and the results of the treatment are optimized at home with the application of Sérum Éclat Énergisant which illuminates and revives the complexion, reduces blemishes and has an anti-wrinkle action with a high concentration of vitamin C, in combination with acid. hyaluronic, which acts effectively on the formation of collagen and elastin, preventing their degradation.

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