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700 km on a single charge and a huge screen in the cabin: the Chinese showed their analogue Tesla

700 km on a single charge and a huge screen in the cabin: the Chinese showed their analogue Tesla

For some time, the Chinese company Changan officially announced work on its own D-class sedan called C385 – then representatives of the Chinese auto industry announced their desire to create a model on hydrogen fuel cells, with a hybrid power plant and completely on electricity. And now the company’s engineers have told about the characteristics of the electric car, which, however, loses to its hybrid counterpart in many ways. For example, Changan said that the C385 on electricity is capable of traveling 700 kilometers without recharging, while the version on a hybrid engine travels 1,200 kilometers on a full charge.

On the other hand, for an electric car, the range is quite impressive – 700 kilometers is more than many competitors can offer. At the same time, the power of the car leaves much to be desired – in total, one electric motor with a capacity of 258 horsepower is declared, which is located on the rear axle. The company recalled that the platform supports a configuration with two electric motors that can be placed front and rear, but so far this version of the car has not been announced. Perhaps the all-wheel drive sedan will be presented a little later, but for now you have to enjoy the rear. And, of course, you should not expect dynamics records – a Chinese electric car can accelerate from zero to hundreds in as much as 5.9 seconds.

But the vehicle received an autopilot of the fourth level according to the SAE classification – this means that the car is able to move along a given route (including city roads) without the participation of a driver. But, of course, this is only a declared function, which will not be available at the time of the sale of the car. Most likely, owners of the Changan C385 will receive a third-level autopilot, which is already implemented in competing cars, since at the moment there are simply no vehicles on the market with a full-fledged autopilot that does not require driver participation.

Unfortunately, Chinese developers are not yet ready to name the cost of the “Tesla killer”, as well as the timing of the potential start of sales. But if at least half of what was promised gets to the release, and the car at the same time costs less than its direct competitors in the market, then at least in China (the company has already announced its desire to enter the European market) there will be another strong player with a stylish sedan and an impressive supply travel on a single charge.

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