8 psychophysical reasons why masturbation is important

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Masturbation: the men they practice it more regularly, with fewer problems, than women. But the number of women masturbating is growing, albeit with very distant percentages compared to male practice.

A recent survey conducted byIFOP (French Institute of Public Opinion) involved 913 French women aged between 18 and 69 through an online questionnaire. The results show that female masturbation behavior in recent years has come very close to male masturbation: three out of four women (74%) admit having masturbated in their lifetime, compared to 60% in 2006 (CSF), 42% in 1992 (ACSF) and just 19% in 1970 (Simon Report). However, it remains one occasional practice: only 14% of women masturbate at least once a week, compared to 50% of men.

“We must not forget that for a man it is simpler: he has pleasure literally at hand, with the external member, visible, of which he can also see the erection – explains the sexologist Roberta Rossi – For a woman, it is more complicated to understand how to masturbate, it is something that must be sought. Often when I ask my patients the dry question: “But do you masturbate?”, They initially answer no, even if later on investigating, I discover that they rub against the pillow or on the armrest of the sofa. Because this is also a truth: there is no single way to please yourself».

And why do they say no, in your opinion? “For ignorance, because nowadays many women still don’t know what masturbation is. But also for modesty, per shame: women still suffer from the prejudice that it should not be done, that it is reprehensible. Instead, masturbating is a journey, a journey: in search of one’s own body awareness, but also of the deepest self. Knowing what we like makes us feel better, even as women ».

We asked Dr. Rossi to provide us the reasons why masturbating is important: he gave us 8. Here they are.

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