8 reasons why the Duke of Hastings of “Bridgerton” sparks our fantasies

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A third Jane Austin, a third Gossip Girl, one third 50 shades of Grey. If then to mix everything there is that old fox of Shonda Rhimes (behind the success of cult series like Grey’s Anatomy e Scandal) the recipe is already a success. This is Bridgerton, sir. Come on, we have all already seen it (and maybe revised)! If we google the title of the TV series on Netflix that in a few days made the fireworks, dedicated pages and pages appear instantly. Many, to be honest, are for him the Christmas present that everyone deserved after this year, which is an understatement to say catastrophic.

We speak, of course, of the Duke of Hastings, half Darcy, half Christian Gray, and we even forget that we are still in 2020. From scandalous sex scenes to sentimental implications, from Regency period outfits (how sexy are men in shirts, tight pants and tailcoat?) to romantic settings where overwhelming passions are consumed, to watch the episodes (eight, too few. We want the second season asap) we can’t get enough. And above all to admire Regé-Jean Page (follower on Instagram immediately) in the role (and without the role of) of the Duke, tumultuous protagonist of the love story nineteenth century. And he the disturbing female hormone shaker of this end of the year: the disquisitions on the web (many) among women who have hers as their object role physics they speak clearly.

One scene in particular provided matter for debate, becoming one of the most discussed of the entire series: that in which Simon Basset aka the Duke, hotly licking the spoon while eating ice cream. The sensations it has triggered are four thousand eight hundred and fifty to put it in Daniele Silvestri’s style, and they affect the whole scale of the disturbances of the soul, of Daphne Bridgerton and all of us. Bridgerton’s official profile tweeted a GIF of the sequence in question and Twitter literally went crazy. One user responded with an eloquent meme of pregnant Kylie Jenner stroking her belly. The spoon has in fact officially entered the first place of our erotic fantasies.

But not only for this, which would already be a lot, we literally melt at the sight of such a piece of beef that responds to the name of Duke of Hastings interpreted, needing help masterfully by the thirty-year-old Regé-Jean Page who repays it with interest the inscrutable charm, the rascal spirit and the deep inner turmoil, plus the hot charge that we don’t talk about it.

In the gallery all the reasons why we were literally struck by the sex appeal to the nth degree of the Duke of Hastings of Bridgerton, as it hasn’t happened since Dylan in Beverly Hills 90210. All in all, this 2020 saved itself in corner.

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