8 remedies to reduce the ecological footprint at work

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Just to get an idea: the ecological footprint of a freelancer could be equivalent to 10 trees and 165,000 liters of water. The investigation conducted by Yousign, a reference point for electronic signature and which aims to migrate to the cloud – in Italy – over 15 million documents by 2023, estimates the environmental impact of work activities that we carry out every day: “Theimpact we generate is far from negligible»He comments Fabian Stanciu, Country Manager by Yousign for Italy, «Without considering that all this has repercussions on the company itself from an economic as well as an image point of view. It has been proven that 60% of consumers are attracted to eco-responsible businesses and 50% said they were ready to boycott a company with a high ecological footprint “.

In this regard, it is Yousign who publishes a simulator that allows you to calculate the ecological and economic footprint of the work done by a freelancer or by a company with up to 1,000 employees: «Our simulator it is based on the environmental impact associated with the reduction of paper use through the analysis of three factors: the number of documents sent for signature, the number of pages per document and the number of recipients for each document. It is a model that takes into account the fact that each recipient of a document prints it once on average and that the paper used contains 10% recycled material. Finally, to determine the final values, these data are crossed and processed with the annual CO2 emissions of a refrigerator (class A ++), the liters of water to fill a bathtub and the weight of solid waste in a garbage can from about 75 liters “.

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But something can be done to improve: “Teleworking and smartworking will continue to be widely used and, where possible, the use of alternative transport services will be encouraged – carpooling and similar – even at the level of smaller communities, such as in condominiums or offices. As far as we are concerned, within our company, we try to do everything possible to have a minimal impact: we encourage smartworking, we digitize what we can and we do not have printers, we provide our employees with washable bottles and masks. Paying attention to the environment is a duty ».

In the gallery you can find out 8 useful tips provided by Yousign experts so as not to impact.

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