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8 tips for buying Christmas gifts online safely

From the Australian Click Frenzy to Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday in the United States of America, initiatives that for some years have also made their debut in the rest of the world, the month of convenient shopping is now behind us, however, who has yet to make the last ones purchases for Christmas and perhaps has little time to move between the shops in the city, most likely he will decide to make them online and then receive the orders directly at home within a few days: but only if there are no unpleasant unforeseen events.

In fact, an increase in purchases would also come close to an increase in criminal activity on the net. In this regard, Check Point Research has detected, since the beginning of October 2021, a growth in dangerous websites: only in November, they would have been detected on average over 5,300 malicious sites every week therefore recording an increase of 178% compared to other periods of the year.

But what should we do to keep out of criminals? Although there is no definitive solution to make a remote purchase in complete safety, there are some tricks that could help us identify the most authoritative sites and maybe shop with greater peace of mind. For example, it is good to use secure payment methods e read the conditions of sale and its delivery times carefully but it is also a good habit to be wary of incredible discounts and from the e-mails that invite us to change the passwords of our accounts.

If you are curious and would like to know more, you can find out in the gallery 8 tips to shop online with greater security.

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