8 tips to keep hackers out of our office

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Cyber ​​attacks are increasingly widespread and increasingly sophisticated: according to data from Check Point Research, the number of organizations that have been intruded through would have increased by 144% ransomware.

“Unfortunately, the level of knowledge in IT security in Italy, it is still not very high. There is a lack of both employee awareness and training from companies. According to research conducted by Kaspersky, approximately 73% of the resources involved did not receive specific information security guidance or training. Not only that: 24% specified that they have received Covid-19-themed phishing e-mails, for example. Another aspect that companies often tend to underestimate – and which often delays timely intervention – is the fact that it is not clear who to contact in the event of a cyber attack” explains Marcello Ricotti, CEO of the Ariadne Digital Group, a company specialized in the creation of systems for digital transformation.

In reality, however, only small tricks would be enough to improve the security of an office: for example, setting a longer and more complex password, avoiding automatic configurations of services and devices by doing a quick “forward-forward-end”, using a VPN or by installing a firewall o un software antivirus.

«To avoid cyber attacks, it is essential to set up a secure access to corporate information and networks. The most common habits that put security at risk are: download – often accidental – malicious content that arrive via e-mail but also the use of connections to compromised WiFi hotspots or the so-called shadow IT, or the use of software, applications or services without the explicit approval of those involved in security. There are also other actions that maybe we believe cannot cause damage, but which are instead very dangerous, including: not bothering to block your pc, do call in places that are not properly isolated or temporarily lend your device to family or friends. In general, one of the most important mistakes that people often fall into is thinking that there is some sort of silver bullet that is, a magical solution to all security problems “concludes Ricotti.

From the importance of training to the use of a tool to promptly identify a violation: here are 8 tips provided by Marcello Torriani, CTO by Ariadne Digital, on how to make an office less attractive to launch a cyber attack.

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