80-year-old father accompanies his daughter to the bus stop every morning

80-year-old father accompanies his daughter to the bus stop every morning

Regardless of how old they are or how old we are, many parents strive to take care of their children forever, like an 80-year-old man who leaves every morning with his daughter to accompany her to the place where they pick her up from work.

The images were shared by the TikTok account @karina071118 and they quickly went viral with more than a million and a half views, because the gesture of affection and protection shown by this father is invaluable.

In the video that has traveled the internet we see that it is very early, at dawn, because the lights of the city still illuminate the street. In addition, it is raining while, calmly, an older man with his cane walks in front, as if directing the steps of his daughter.

But that’s not all, because we also see that the woman has the hood of her sweatshirt on so as not to get soaked by the indiscreet rain, while a third person chooses not to appear on the scene, walks behind them, in order to record the moment. .

In the background, the song is heard Maybewhich the singer Enrique Iglesias seems to have dedicated to his father, the famous Spanish interpreter Julio Iglesias, which surrounds the tender moment with an air of melancholy.

Hello, old man, tell me how you are, there are so many things that I want to explain to you, because you never know if tomorrow is here.

Words are not really necessary, because we can clearly feel the love that this father shows for his daughter, just by contemplating the effort he puts into each step he takes. No, we are not crying, just the rain passed through the screen and drenched our eyes.

Source: Okchicas