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95% of Ibero-American companies are willing to collaborate with the competition to overcome systemic challenges

The covid crisis It has caused a radical change in the business world since its consequences have focused on the need for companies to implement action plans in RSC (Corporate social responsibility) and in the sustainability. The trend has led to 95% of Ibero-American companies are willing to collaborate with your competition to overcome the challenges that 2020 has brought.

This is how it details EAE Business School, who in collaboration with onion, Alianza por Iberoamà © rica Business Council has carried out the I Observatory ‘Trends in CSR and Sustainability in Ibero-America’. 102 companies from 14 Ibero-American countries participated in the study, including Iberdrola, Mapfre, Iberdrola, CaixaBank, BBVA, Fluidra and Cafà © s Novell.

Jose Luis Fernández, director general of EAE Business School, highlighted in the presentation of the observatory that “in collaboration with CEAPI, and in our commitment to sustainability in the business field, we have promoted an Observatory of these characteristics at a time like the present with the aim of carrying out an aná analysis of the effect of the pandemic on Ibero-American companies and highlight the need to implement transversal action plans “.

For its part, NÃria Vilanova, president of CEAPI, has assured that “the Report reveals that there has been a great change in how companies perceive what their role should be within and for society. Ibero-American companies are not only convinced of the need to convert the CSR and sustainability are one of its main axes, but they are committed to assuming leadership in this regard “.

From the pages of the report it appears that 83% of Ibero-American companies understand CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) as a strategy related to how to generate income maximizing the positive impacts of the business and 95% as a framework for collaboration, even with competing companies.

The pandemic has also served as a shock, since two out of three Ibero-American organizations consulted in the observatory state that they will assume a more active role in the fight against the problems of society after covid-19 and recognize their responsibility in this context. For this reason, the firms will bet on becoming leaders at the social level.

Affirmation of the social work of the company is specified in that 78% of the participants believe that CSR must be one step ahead of the legislation and anticipate the challenges of the future. The firms consider sustainability as a safe bet for the future that must permeate across all areas of the company.

The report also points out that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) gain importance after the pandemic within the Ibero-American company. “Health and well-being”, “End of poverty”, “Partnerships for the goals” and “Reducing inequalities” win integers.

Of all the ODS especially emphasizes gender equality since, according to Pilar Llácer, Head of Research en EAE Business School, it is perceived differently between organizations in different countries. “More than half of the Spanish companies (61%) state that it will acquire more relevance, while the rest of the countries, most of the organizations consider that it will continue to have the same importance as before. ¡Yes, in Spain and, above all, in Colombia, it is thought that gender equality will be more difficult to achieve in the future. “

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