A 35-year-old American woman says she is happy in her marriage to her gay husband

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THE Brin Abley, 35 years old, from Ypsilandi of Michigan, describes herself as a straight, while her husband Matthew Nilsson, 33, is identified as gay or pansexual and says he is “more attracted to men than women”.

The couple has been dating since 2017 and has two daughters: Αμαντίν, two years old and Zinever one year.

Both of them are members of it Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints A belief that does not accept same – sex relationships – and Μαθιου admits that the idea of ​​staying free and unmarried forever was a powerful motivator for having a relationship with women.

THE Mathiou she dated men and women before committing to her Brin, but he had never had sex with anyone, including his wife before they got married.

The unusual couple keeps their relationship functional and alive with therapy and weekly sex discussions scheduled for every Thursday, where they offer each other feedback and advice.

The mother of two little girls says that from the beginning the couple loved kissing, which seemed like a good sign.

“We hoped that sex would be as good as kissing and caressing and fortunately it is wonderful!” admits the Brin.

“I think a lot more people than we think are gay and they don’t admit it. Many of my previous relationships revolved around erotic chemistry, so not having this as a key factor in my relationship with Mathiou “It was refreshing,” she says Brin, speaking to the British newspaper Daily Mail.

“Although I am mostly attracted to men, there are some women who are attracted to me. I’ve heard gay men say they can’t even imagine having sex with a woman, but I’ve never felt that way. It is not yet the strongest part of our relationship, it is easy for me to wonder what I could lose if I was in a relationship with a man. But other than that we enjoy having sex and being together that way, which is a relief! ” explains o Mathiou on his part.

THE Brin says that even if their religion does not allow same-sex marriage, they will try to teach their daughters to be happy whether they are gay or straight.

“Religion teaches us that marriage is only between a man and a woman, but we want our daughters to be happy whoever they are, whoever they choose as their partner and whoever they are attracted to. “We are very happy in this strange, unique and wonderful relationship,” she concluded Brin.

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