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A 67-year-old professor is the perpetrator of the attack on the Las Vegas campus

American authorities have identified her attacker campus attack in the Las Vegas, in which at least three people were killed. It’s about him Anthony Polito, professor by profession, who was eventually killed by police fire.

According to New York PostPolito had applied to work at the University of Las Vegas but it was rejected.

The latest attack brought back to the city of Las Vegas nightmarish memories of the 2017 massacre, one of the worst gun massacres ever committed in the US.

Upon reporting the attack, the police asked everyone to leave immediately campusabout two kilometers from the famous “strip”, the artery where several casinos operate.

After police called the attack over, the chancellery asked everyone to stay “locked in” so its men could clear the buildings “one by one”, while canceling all scheduled classes and other activities.

“This has darkened the campus” and “now we have to try to fight and overcome this and it’s just sad,” said a studentaccording to a report by local television station KSNV.


The new tragedy reopens the wounds of the carnage that Las Vegas experienced in 2017, one of the worst in US historyas reported by the AFP and relayed by the Athens News Agency.

Then, armed with assault rifles modified to fire at the rate of machine guns and a large amount of ammunition, he killed 58 people and injured hundreds more when he opened fire from the 32nd floor of a hotel on a crowd attending a country music concert. The perpetrator committed suicide.

Yesterday’s latest tragedy makes even more difficult for the US the price it pays for the widespread proliferation of weapons on its soil and the ease with which Americans can gain access to them. The country has more guns (some 400 million) than residents, one in three adults owns at least one gun and nearly one in two lives in a household with more than one gun.

Repeated violent incidents with the use of weapons “are not normal, and we cannot let them become normal”, was the reaction of US President Joe Biden, who recalled the tragic account published by the specialized website Gun Violence Archive.

“This year alone,” the U.S.-based organization reported more than 600 gun attacks that left at least four people dead or injured (mass shootings, as defined by U.S. authorities) and some 40,000 gun-related deaths — half were classified as suicides.

The Democratic president has once again reiterated his call to ban assault rifles and implement truly systematic background checks on people who want to own a gun.

But without a majority in Congress — the House of Representatives is controlled by Republicans — these remain wishful thinking.

Despite the strong emotional reactions each such massacre provokes, the right to bear arms, guaranteed by the Constitution, remains a burning issue that deeply divides progressives and conservatives, the latter insisting on projecting an increasingly maximalist vision.

Source: News Beast

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