A 7-month-old baby had cold symptoms, but eventually developed rare blood cancers

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A huge Golgotha ​​began to climb the family of one infant 7 months in Britain as a simple cold that everyone thought he had childturned out to be a rare form cancer in the blood, which affects less than 100 children each year in the US.

According to nypost.comthe Mia when he was 7 months old showed symptoms of a coldas he had runny nose and fever. First, her mother Anjna Caulton thought it was a flu, view reinforced by doctors and acquaintanceswho said they are it is normal for children to get sick at this ageespecially when they start going to daycare.

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“Mia had just started kindergarten and was suffering from a runny nose, she was very stuffy and had a fever,” said her mother, adding that “when I look back in time at that time, I remember it was closed. “She cried a lot, but she calmed down quickly.”

«I did not know that in fact her immune system had a serious problem“, She added, as she had received” assurances “that because the child’s immune system is developing, it is reasonable” to catch a germ “, but without” risk “. Then Mia showed one bulge on the sides on the right side of the body her, with her parents thinking she was provoked, because she was bitten by an insect.

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The child’s health remained stagnant for a long time, with the parents anxious but not knowing what to do, as everyone said that the baby would soon be well.

The bad news and the battle with chemotherapy

After a while, Mia showed extensive bruising on her arms and legswith her mother thinking that “I wondered if I was really stressed and held her very tightly while changing her diaper or if she was from her kindergarten”.

“Hundreds of terrible thoughts were going through my mind,” said Anjna Caulton, 44.

So, went the little one again to the family doctor who was watching her, with the child has become pale and have develop tiny red veins all over her body. “At this point, after the third visit, he was referred to the hospital“, which immediately transferred her to isolation,” said the baby’s mother.

Mia with her parents

So it took two weeks for the parents to find out that Mia had acute lymphoblastic infant leukemia (ALL), one A rare form of blood and bone marrow cancer that affects about 90 children a year in the United States., all under the age of one, according to the St. Louis Research Hospital. Jude Children’s. In fact, the early symptoms of this type of cancer include unexplained fever, swollen lymph nodes, and bruises on the body.

“It was the scariest and most uncertain period of my life,” said the mother of the child.every parent brings their child into the world with the expectation that they will live longer than him. “This diagnosis completely nullified the natural way in which life evolves.”

Thus, the child immediately began to undergo chemotherapy, blood transfusions and bone marrow surgeries. Her parents resigned from their work and for 18 months they did not miss a moment by her side.

Three years later…

It took them three years with daily visits to the hospitals to hear the first positive news, that the cancer was in remission and that the child was going to survive.

The good news came to him March 2020 with her parents bursting into tears, as her mother said “the first experiences from her life she got during the treatmentas then he took the first steps, celebrated his first birthday, but also did Christmas and New Year “.

Most, Mia is 7 years old and is starting to enjoy life, thanks to the treatment he received from Birmingham Pediatric Hospital in the United Kingdom, with parents raising money to raise money for cancer research, especially in childhood.

Mia at the age of 7 years

Source: News Beast

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