A 74-year-old wants to reach the 100 Guinness World Records, so he tries to balance a chimney in his head

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One of her strongest men Great Britain, The John Evans, is on… mission to reach 100 world record before completing his 75th birthday next March, despite his health problems.

For his 99th and penultimate trick he decided to balance a big chimney in his head. He does his workouts in the yard of his house dressed Santa Claus. In the past, the Evans has balanced on his head bricks, milk boxes, and even cars.

“I have one eye, I’m diabetic, I have asthma, I have angina and after all that, I have 98 world records,” he said. Evans in the Reuters.

“This (the chimney)… will hopefully be my 99th world record and then when my 75th birthday arrives, I will make a big crown five feet by five feet (1.52 m by 1.52 m) and I will “I try to balance it in my head and it will be my 100th world record”, he added.

THE Evans, who lives in Derbyshire of the central England, discovered his talent as a teenager working on construction sites. “I was about 17, 18 years old. “I used to carry bricks on my head on a board; taking 24 bricks on my head up the stairs,” he said.

“When I was about 42 years old, I was asked to do some kind of charity event; I was balancing a few bricks on my head and it had a huge impact,” he added.

Since then, o Evans has traveled the world balancing water barrels, beers, refrigerators, machines and more, but his greatest achievement was when he picked up a car Mini Cooper, from which some pieces had been removed to make it lighter.

“The trick with the Mini has been released all over the world. “I made the Mini in Hollywood, I made it in China, I made it in Paris,” he said, holding a Guinness World Record for balancing the car on his head during a TV show France.

“It weighed 162 kilos and I managed to balance it… for 20 seconds in my head… if that had gone wrong, it would have killed me,” he revealed.

THE Evans, whose achievements have been recognized by Guinness World Records and Record Holders Republic, has raised more than $ 300,000 for charity through his actions.

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