A Bulgarian company is repairing the largest hydroelectric plant in Greece

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The Bulgarian Central Energy Repair Base Group (CERB) carried out major repairs at the largest hydroelectric plant in Greece, at the Kremaston Dam, according to an announcement by CERB, as broadcast by the Bulgarian news agency BTA. The hydroelectric plant is located inside the Achelou Complex, one of the largest dams in Europe.

The contracting authority is the Public Electricity Company (PPC), which has a market share of 99.7% and supplies electricity to 7.4 million consumers.

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CERB modernized a hydrogen generator and replaced its excitation system. Due to this repair, the plant’s capacity increased by 10%, the company announced.

It is the fourth repair at the Kremasto Hydroelectric Station carried out by a Bulgarian energy company. CERB is the largest Bulgarian company for the diagnosis, repair and maintenance of electrical machinery and equipment, founded 74 years ago.

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Source: Capital

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