A cat with four ears from Turkey goes viral – Because they named it Midas

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She was born with four ears due to a genetic mutation, however this did not stop her from four months cat named Midas to excite internet users.

The little kitten was born in a yard in its capital Turkey, together with her five little sisters and later “adopted” by Kanis Dosemetzi and her family.

They say they fell in love with the animal at first sight and wanted to take care of it immediately, worried that her chances of finding a home would be reduced due to her unique condition, according to Reuters.

“We never thought of buying a cat, we just wanted to save a cat from the street and we wanted to adopt it,” said Dosemetzi, who also lives with two dogs. Zeino and Suzy.

THE Midas, whose name comes from the mythological king of Phrygia, has become an “star” of the internet thanks to the posts of its owners about her daily life with the two dogs.

Although her appearance may be unusual, her condition does not affect her health or hearing at all, according to her veterinarian. Resat Nouri Aslan.

“People are so surprised, they can’t believe it”

Besides, Kanis Dosemetzi says that she hopes that her popularity Midas -has gathered over 73,000 followers on social media- can convince other people to adopt animals rather than buying them from stores.

“People are so surprised, they can’t believe it,” she said. “Everyone wants to come and see her or want photos of her. Some people, on the other hand, find it scary, though in general people think it is nice“, He added.

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