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A city in the US will raise the Palestinian flag alongside the American one for a month

A city of USA decided to raise the Palestinian tax for one month flag together with the American one on the occasion of the Middle East and since then serious reactions have erupted, while there are fears of incidents.

The incident takes place in the city North Andover in Massachusetts and New York Post it’s mentioned that it all started on October 16tha few days after the Hamas attack on Israel and the beginning of the bombardment of Gaza.

Then, the student Selma Khayal testified request to the city council to raise the flag, as a sign of support for the Palestinian people, as a day before a corresponding move had been made for Israel. The Council granted the request, but after six hours changed the regulation for the flags so that no matching episodes are created.

In particular, until then any resident could request that a flag be raised for any reason, since the poles are considered a “public forum”. Fearing backlash for the Middle East, however, this has changed and now only flags with neutral content or for government reasons are allowed.

Nevertheless, approvals given to requests before the law change were not cancelledso for a month the Palestinian flag will fly next to the American one.

This supports terrorism and Hamas who killed innocents,” reported Jewish residents of North Andover.

“I want to highlight the suffering my people are going through. This flag is not pro-Hamas, nor does it support terrorism. I am referring to dead mothers and children,” said student Selma Khayal to support her position.

Source: News Beast

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