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A completely new antivirus from Microsoft is shown. It will also be released on smartphones.

It is no longer a secret that Microsoft is developing the Microsoft Defender application. It is the company’s own antivirus, formerly known as Windows Defender. The first images of what the final version of the new antivirus application looks like has already appeared on the Internet.

Windows Defender became popular in Windows 8, but gained its popularity in the era of Windows 10. It is in this version of the operating system that it has established itself as one of the best solutions for protecting your computer from malware. Starting with Windows 10 2004, the company renamed the antivirus to Microsoft Defender, and now has developed an application in WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) that can run not only on Windows, but also on other platforms such as iOS, macOS or Android. Aggiornamenti Lumia shared an image of the final version of Microsoft Defender for Windows 11 and Android.

Sneak peek at the upcoming Microsoft Defender app for Windows & Android pic.twitter.com/dfwb4R6itm

– Lumia updates (@ALumia_Italia) January 11, 2022

The application looks modern and is adapted to the new design of Windows 11. Since it is a standalone application, it will be easier for Microsoft to update it and add new features without having to do so along with operating system updates.

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