Investigators from the city of Khabarovsk opened a criminal case based on a statement from one of the clients of the Moscow cryptocurrency exchange Beribit.

The victim stated that funds worth 1.1 million rubles (10,910 USDT) were stolen from him by the Beribit exchange from his personal trading account. A case of probable fraud on an especially large scale was opened against an “unidentified person.”

Earlier, employees of the exchange office in the Federation Tower of the Moscow City complex offered clients to enter into an agreement stating that 100% of each user’s assets would be converted into special digital financial assets (DFA) Beribit. Conversion: 1 ruble – 1 DFA Beribit.

Meanwhile, the new management of the trading platform continues to report that payments are being made and the company is operating in full mode. Administrators post lists of people who allegedly received payments in full.

Previously, representatives of the exchange promised to return all funds to users by May 2, 2024.