A cyclist fatally hit an elderly pedestrian and abandoned him because he was afraid of deportation

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British police have released a video, which records the moment one cyclist hit a man and left him seriously injured on the road.

23-year-old Ermir Loka from Albania beat 72-year-old Peter McCombie at London, while the Royal London Hospital employee was returning home.

According to the Daily Mail, instead of apologizing to his victim, he showed him his damaged bike and said, “Look what you did!”, then left the scene..

The images from the security cameras were released today, as Loka was imprisoned for two years. At trial he was told he left the scene because he feared he would deported.

But because he was already in prison awaiting trial for a year, he could be released after serving half of his sentence, the Daily Mail reports.

In a statement, the McCombie family noted: “He left Peter on the ground on a busy road, seriously injured and thought only of himself at that moment.

Such cowardice is beyond contempt. My anger we felt towards him can not be expressed in words. We can’t even say his name. “

The unfortunate man’s head hit the sidewalk so hard that his skull broke and caused brain damage. The incident occurred on July 3, 2020. The unfortunate man succumbed to his injuries eight days after being transported to the hospital.

An eyewitness told the court: “He showed his bicycle and said something like: ‘what did you do?’ and “look you did them”. The man on the ground had his eyes open but said nothing. “

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