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A death sentence was carried out in the state of Mississippi, the first since 2012 and the tenth in the US in 2021

His state Mississippi He proceeded to the execution yesterday, Wednesday, at the end of the sentences, who fought for justice in order for the death sentence, which was imposed on him in 2012, to be applied “as soon as possible”.

In David Cox, 50 years old, was given a lethal injection in prison Partzman, where there is an acute problem of overcrowding of inmates, in this conservative state of the American South. His death was confirmed at 18:12 (local time), according to Death Penalty Information Center (DPIC).

In 2009, his wife, who had a daughter from a previous marriage, reported him to the police when she learned he had raped the child. He spent several months in prison before being released on parole.

A few weeks later, he bought a gun to avenge his ex-wife. After invading her home, he shot her and left her to die late for hours while raping her 12-year-old child in front of her.

He pleaded guilty and was sentenced in 2012 to the end of his sentence.

In the years that followed, his defense attorneys filed several appeals in vain to have his sentence commuted. Three years ago, however, he began sending letters to judges, demanding that he be stopped from being represented by lawyers who had been appointed and that a date be set for his execution “as soon as possible.”

In a letter dated August 19, 2018, he explained that he wanted “his body to be executed for the crimes he committed premeditatedly, with anger and joy.” Add that it is Emis and “having lawyers is against my religion” in the handwritten letter, full of spelling mistakes.

Following psychiatric assessments, as he was presumed to have had mental health problems, his state’s highest court Mississippi ruled that he was able to make this decision and set his execution for yesterday Wednesday (17/11).

He became the tenth executioner to be executed in the US in 2021 and the first since 2012 in his state Mississippi. State authorities have struggled in recent years to procure the deadly substances needed for executions.

Pharmaceutical companies, which do not want to be associated with the death penalty, categorically refuse to market their products in US states where it continues to apply.

Usually, every execution becomes the subject of a court battle, which generally lasts until the last moment and reaches the US Supreme Court. Death row inmates in the country spend an average of nineteen years in prison awaiting execution, according to the DPIC.

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