A detox and relaxing bath, with ginger and more, the well-deserved gift of 2021

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Here is a unique guide for you all to get yourself the first of the well-deserved gifts we have put in wishlist for 2021. We have left 2020 behind us, it is true, but the next twelve months will certainly not be a walk in the park. Let’s take advantage, then, of the Bubble Bath Day, which is celebrated on January 8th, to inaugurate a beautiful habit, in every sense: a pop bathroom but a relaxing effect to face winter and gray days full of positivity.

Lit candles, not one but several. The hot steam rising from the water (at 40 degrees the ideal temperature) while clouds of soft foam float on the surface. Aromatic oils fill the air and make water a real treat for the mind as well as for the skin. Imagine: it’s about 6:30 pm and it’s just you and your wonderful bathtub. Surrounded by complete and absolute silence (and the best bathroom products, of course). This is your time to let out the door anxieties in combination with any companions and children. We yearn for the perfect evening bath almost more than a Chanel 2.55: thirty minutes of escape from the day and from all the people, pandemics and political news that it entails. “The right mix of oils, scents and colors, hot water and salts plays with the senses and allows the mind to engage and focus on something different: a welcome distraction ”, says a Vogue UK Dr. Barbara Kubicka, who founded The Bath Project, which is all about the art of the bathroom.

We know that a good bath can help relieve stress, anxiety, muscle aches and tension, lower blood pressure and fight insomnia. but are you aware that adding certain ingredients can enhance all of these benefits? In Chinese medicine the bath has always been included among the balancing rituals for mind and body, especially when flavored with it ginger. This root has been used for years in Asian medicine for its anti-inflammatory and microcirculation-stimulating properties. In the cold months in particular, ginger would be a key element in restoring the traditional concept of chi, life energy, to balance. According to Chinese beliefs, a bath flavored with ginger root would have the effect of heating the meridians, dissolving energy and muscle blocks, promoting blood circulation and the vital flow of chi. Ginger would also be a cure-all for strengthening the immune system, both used in the kitchen and in the bathtub. Other ingredients such as rosemary, lavender and orange can play the same beneficial role to transform the bathroom into a real therapy to reduce stress, in addition to Epsom salts to relax muscles and mind. “Epsom salts and magnesium flakes will not only restore calm and promote rest, but will intensify the feeling of warmth and comfort, making them perfect for colder days,” says the expert.

In the gallery, therefore, discover the bathroom products to transform a dip in the tub into a spa experience. From sparkling colored bombs to scrubs that give the body a luminous appearance, from bath oils with unique blends to the most delicate bubble baths and candles that create the atmosphere. It’s time to lie down, add (if you want) a face mask and have fun.

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