A drunk man accidentally joined a search team set up and was looking for ίδιο himself

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Search groups created after reports of missing people have been faced with difficult situations. In the worst case scenario o missing is dead at best the person they are looking for is alive with their condition varying.

We keep the verb “varies” for Beihan Moutlou, the hero of our history.

The 50-year-old was declared missing by his wife after going out for a drink with friends in the Kayak forest of Turkey. The woman contacted the police and said that hours have passed since the man has not given signs of life and does not pick up his phone.

According to the Daily Sabah website, he was lost in a forest drunk with his friends unable to trace him.

He fell on the team that was looking for him

A search team began searching for Moutlou in the forest. The man fell on a group of volunteers who were helping the rescuers and walked with them for a long time looking for himself!

The drunken man when he heard their name shouted asked a neighbor “who are they looking for”. In the midst of confusion he managed to reconcile with the rescuers and all the parties to realize that the man they were looking for was with them all the time trying to find himself.

The funny thing is that after a while when Moutlou heard his name, he said “here I am”!

After the incident, the man asked the police not to punish him severely.

rescuer with dog in search

This case is not unprecedented. In 2012, a woman who visited Iceland participated in a large mountain search operation for a lost tourist before discovering that the operation was done for her and was for her.

The woman reportedly failed to return to her tour bus – but in fact had just changed her clothes.

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