A free program for installing Windows 11 on incompatible computers has been released

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Windows 11 has received high system requirements, due to which it cannot be officially installed on many computers. Not all users support such a Microsoft solution – for example, the required TPM 2.0 cryptochip (about which there is a separate article on the Treshbox) increases security, but the system may well function without it. Since the release of the first beta, enthusiasts have been constantly looking for more and more ways to install Windows 11 on incompatible computers, and now Czech developer Michal Doubek has released a free utility Windows11Updgrade, publishing it on GitHub. It allows you to upgrade to Windows 11 or install a clean system in a few clicks.

Once launched, Windows11Upgrade offers one of two options: choose a preloaded Windows 11 ISO image or download it using the program. If you choose the second option, you must specify the desired system language. Next, the user should choose one of three options:

  • Upgrade – update the system, keeping all applications and data;
  • Data only – update the system, saving only the data;
  • Clean install – Install Windows 11 cleanly, erasing all user information from the disk.

⚠️ Like any utility, Windows11Upgrade can be dangerous to your computer. There is no guarantee that it is free of malware. By resorting to this program, users act at their own peril and risk.

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