A. Georgiadis: controls in all companies of the fuel cycle

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The Ministry of Development warns about controls throughout the fuel supply chain.

Today, the Minister of Development ‘Adonis Georgiadis, together with the commander and staff of DIMEA visited Hellenic Petroleum and Motor Oil, and, as Mr. Georgiadis said, speaking earlier in Parliament, the controls will continue in all companies in the circle of fuel.

“This morning, both I and the General Secretary Mr. Anagnostopoulos and the Commander of DIMEA Mr. Mellissinos, as well as a team of DIMEA auditors, went this morning to Hellenic Petroleum, where we started checking the way of pricing the fuel and 95 octane gasoline and Diesel. Law on the profiteering we have established for all other fuel cycle businesses. Then, the same team, we visited the same process and Motor Oil, where we also gave Motor Oil to provide the relevant information to the services ” , informed the members of the Production and Trade Committee of the Parliament, the Minister of Development ‘Adonis Georgiadis.

“The services of the Ministry of Development and DIMEA, today started a thorough control over the way of pricing of fuels from the two refineries of the country”, said Mr. Georgiadis and added: “The reason we did this operation today, and it was done with My presence – there will be checks in the rest of the fuel supply chain – is to show that we are not in the mood to check only at service stations, ie only the small businessman in the circle, but we will do the whole cycle of “Other inspections will follow and are already being carried out at petrol stations and transporters. The whole chain will be inspected and will be fined if the service deems that they have exceeded the relevant market provision.”

“There is no way,” the minister said, “that this political leadership of the ministry should be given to anyone for this matter. The provision is specific. No one can sell at a higher profit margin than he sold on the 1st. September 2021. ‘So control starts from the largest to the smallest, so that the market receives the message that everyone will be controlled, obviously recognizing that fuel prices have escaped and are a huge hoax for family planning, without any doubt”.

However, the Minister of Development stated that the price of fuel “unfortunately, the price is too high” and added that the officials of the refineries informed them that the price of fuel, last Friday, as invoiced by the refineries, was the highest price of all of the times, due to the situation prevailing internationally.

“With the current inspections in the two refineries of the country, we prove in practice that there is no case to give to anyone, at this critical juncture, to help the Greek consumer,” said the Minister of Development.

Source: AMPE


Source: Capital

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